Purchase Prints

A selection of images on ‘Carry My Camera’ can be purchased as prints.  This is easy to do, just click on the following link to browse galleries:-


Through SmugMug, Bay Photo printing services are available exclusively to Portfolio and Business pros.  For more information on Bay Photo check out their website here:


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q:   I can’t find the photo I’m looking for in the SmugMug gallery?
  • A:   If you can’t locate the image you’re looking for – just email me on; carrymycamera@shaw.ca, and I’ll upload it to a gallery.
  • Q:  The photos in the SmugMug gallery show the ‘Carry My Camera’ logo.  Will this be visible on the print I purchase?
  • A:   The logo will not be included on the high quality printed image you receive from ‘Bay Photo’.  This is visible in the gallery to prevent unapproved downloading of images.
  • Q:  What is the difference between ‘lustre’ and ‘glossy’ finish?
  • A:   Lustre resembles the traditional matte finish

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