….’they did’

May 2019

I’ve proclaimed more than once that “I don’t do weddings”, but I actually do – on occasion….particularly when the lovebirds tying the knot are friends and/or family.   It’s a real privilege to be part of this special day, so when Natalie and Shane, after many years of togetherness decided to seal the deal, I was only too happy to participate to capture the special day in my photographer role and to enjoy the celebration as a friend.

What I really loved about this afternoon/evening was the casual approach to the whole event.  Our green fingered friend, who’s adept in floral design, created her beautiful wedding bouquet and all the accompanying arrangements, and I loved that she went against the grain and leapt into married life in a hip white jumpsuit!….

……and Shane, 110% on that movie star kiss!

Good friends, good food & drink, good times….what more could you want from life?!



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