….’our epic road trip’

May 2019

It’s hard to believe the year is soon coming to a close and we’ve been asking ourselves, what happened on the travel front?…..the answer is lots….first, we bought a tent and yours truly became a “camper”!  Who would have thought that after living in Canada for 22 yrs, and loving the outdoors, I had not yet developed a love for sleeping under the stars with a wafer thin piece of nylon protecting me from the elements and random wildlife?  All goes to show, it really is “never too late”!  For the next few years while we are saving for our long term adventure, we know we need to adopt some frugality in our short term vacations, and so we agreed car camping would check the boxes with respect to our love for hiking and travel.

Having set our minds on that approach, we embarked on the search for a perfect tent (that allows for me getting dressed in an upright position) and landed on the MEC Mountain Equipment Coop  6-person Cabin Tent, aka ‘Sweet Pea’.  All that remained was to plan our route (Vancouver to Moab, Utah and back via Oregon) and activities, which we knew needed to include some serious hiking and wine tasting – not a bad combo eh?!

Luckily we didn’t have pets with us, but I couldn’t help but worry about my ankles…

First night under the stars (in Sweet Pea)…we found ‘Kampgrounds of America’ to be really organized and welcoming.

Hopeful to see the use of sustainable power along our route….

We only thought about heading to Vegas for 30 seconds…..about 5 times!

Let the hiking begin – so many stunning trails to choose from….

Happy trails….

We didn’t venture up close the famous arch…but I did try a 200mm zoom, 400 or longer would have been perfect to capture more detail, but I’m not wiling to pay the cash or lug that around.

We happened upon a couple of Homeland Security agents and I couldn’t resist the photo op…

 We nearly ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere before we at arrived at ‘Whispering Willows’ sanctuary. Another successful test overcome on the martial front and luckily we had wine with us to decompress around the camp fire!

The topography in Canyonlands was unique….very grounding – we are just a smudge on this planet!

…..and so the time came to hike to the bottom of the canyon – it was going to be our most physically challenging hiking in this park – but alas, things did not go to plan….

I struggle with mild anxiety, often associated with flying or heights, and on this day it won me over and I only managed to descend about 15 mins on the trail before I was gripped with fear of falling off what was in my defence, a pretty shear drop on a scrambly narrow path.   It was a bit upsetting at the time but turning around and high tailing back up was the right call.

One of the neatest parts of the road trip was travelling along the ‘Loneliest Road’, I-50, to cross from Utah back to Oregon. Beautiful scenery, and thankfully not much happening, given the main pass-time along with road seems to be shooting bullets into the road signs – we likely dodged a few!

Southern Oregon brought a chance to chill in a natural hot spring….would have been perfect had it not been bug city!

Back in the outstanding Pacific North West and its wine time!

Only one more thing to accomplish (vegetarian sausage, the best Enchilada sauce ever and a plethora of other treats that require a trip across the border)…sorted with a stop at Trader Joe’s in Bellingham.

2 thoughts on “….’our epic road trip’

  1. Hi Deb, Great photos and what a trip. We loved these places- Arches is amazing and Utah is simply…vast. You really hit a lot of wonderful places on this trip! Terrific post.

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