….’beautiful people’

April 2019

Vancouver based Maryam is a professional makeup artist and eyebrow specialist who has more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, and has worked with local celebrities, brides to be, fashion shows etc. Her services are sought after and the work of her, and her team, is exceptional.  Check out Maryam’s website if you would like to know more http://www.maryamcollahi.com

In addition to making her clients look and feel good about themselves inside and out, Maryam now also conducts training sessions in various practices of her profession, and I think it’s wonderful that she’s sharing her years of experience with those who want to pursue a similar career.

Over the years I’ve done a few photoshoots for Maryam, ranging from shots of her new salon to recent sessions with a class of students and also models.  Maryam is a perfectionist, as she should be in her trade, but also very much a relationship-based “people person” and very easy to work with.

Below are a sample of images from the latest photo shoot, and the output was intended to provide material for the new website.  However, we were unable to obtain the flawless images that were required for the website launch due to a number of challenges i.e.; inadequate studios space (back drop etc) and most importantly inadequate lighting.  So this particular shoot was one that we all put down to experience and will learn from.  The models, make-up artist and Maryam’s team were all amazing and I have no doubt the new website pics, when they come to fruition, will be amazing too.

2 thoughts on “….’beautiful people’

  1. Contact me and I will share some of my Monument Valley photos that we talked about when we met at delicate arch viewing site in Arches National Park.
    Hope you both had a good trip.

    • HI Paul…thanks for reaching out. We are back home in Vancouver now and had a great trip, hope you did also. You can email me at carrymycamera@shaw.ca with a link to your photos – look forward to seeing the results of that amazing lens! Cheers, Deb

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