…….’Fog Folk’

January 2019

Creepy….a foggy night is, yet “cool”, at the same time.  A sheer grey curtain seemingly with a mind of its own, twisting and turning through damp wet streets and cloaking the homes, with bright yellow windows, high and low.  This is Vancouver West End, when the dense marine fog rolls in and just as quickly retreats to the calm waters of Burrard inlet, towards the wailing fog horns warning of impending danger.

Safe on the streets I wander, it’s rush hour, folks quickly pass by – heading home or out to dinner, who knows?  Moving through a haze that almost provides me and my discreet 50mm lens the anonymity needed for silhouettes in the diffused glare of street and headlights, almost – but not quite.  I quickly focus and click – it works, and then it doesn’t.

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