…..’50 times around the sun’

November 2018

I had a milestone birthday a couple of weeks ago – and hasten to say I would not ordinarily broadcast that fact, but the day/weekend was so much fun and I wanted to share a few pics for (at the very least) family and friends.

Some grand ideas for the big 50 were explored in advance of the day, like a transatlantic flight for a romantic weekend in Paris….but all I really wanted was to spend the occasion with close friends, eat some really good food, dress up…and maybe bust some moves….mission accomplished!!!

Given this all happened on the one year anniversary of our epic trip to India, it seemed fitting to celebrate Indian style…so with a little help from friends (including my very kind co-worker Saira and her family, who supplied some ingredients and lots of beautiful outfits) we pulled together a grand evening.

One of the highlights was a henna treat (courtesy of my besties) by Raj…and I would recommend every gal do this if you get the chance….so beautiful!

So three weeks in to my 5th decade and what to say….?  Well, I’m healthy, happy and set to embrace whatever the next 10 yrs brings – adventure’s out there!

PS:  our super cute puppy niece ‘Kes’, quite rightly steals the show.

PPS:  thanks to our friends (especially the guys) who went along with the dress-up plan!























One thought on “…..’50 times around the sun’

  1. You look radiantly beautiful Deb! So glad that you had a special celebration. And you don’t look a day older than the day I met you 20 years ago 🙂 Happy belated birthday from all of us ❤️💕

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