….105 Hikes – ‘Mt. Seymour Trail’

October 2018

Fall in Vancouver this year has exceeded expectations so far with 2 x straight weeks of bright sunny weather and unseasonably warm temperatures.  Normally we would be going into hibernation to avoid the grey drizzly days – so woo hoo!, it’s time to hike (and not a bug in sight!).

With a view to expanding our BC hiking adventures, we recently picked up a copy of Stephen Hui’s ‘105 Hikes’, and it came in very handy this weekend.  I met Stephen in a ‘Beginners’ photography class almost 10 years ago now, and I think we made for good class mates in terms of sharing perspectives/ideas.  I’ve since followed his writing and photography through various media and admired his passion for enjoying and protecting the environment, and for raising the profile of our ‘Beautiful British Columbia’.

We opted for Hike # 1 – ‘Mt Seymour Trail’ with an estimated completion time of 4 hrs (round trip) for the 5 mile (8 km) hike, with a moderate difficulty level. It turned out to be 6 hrs for us, and included some extra time taking in the views at the top, as well as a very cautious descent given both my knees were complaining by that time.  It was pretty cool to follow Stephen’s instructions on how to approach this hike. I like the fact that he included just enough detail in describing the trail, such that we were able to find our way, yet at the same time we were surprised by the incredible vistas that greeted us at every turn.  If you live in or plan to visit BC, Canada, and like to explore outdoors, I would highly recommend taking along a copy of ‘105 Hikes’ as a companion.

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