….’Vancouver Pride 2018′

August 2018

As always, the Pride Parade was a highlight of the summer in Vancouver, and having lived in this beautiful city now for some 22 yrs, I’ve enjoyed many a parade.  This year was different however, for 3 reasons;

  • my sister Lesley was visiting for the first time since I made Vancouver my home
  • I had advance access to my “milestone” sssh!, birthday gift….a sweet Nikkor 70-200 mm 2.8 lens (aka Baby)!
  • dear husband camped out at the roadside for 3 hrs to save front row seats for Sis and I (thanks Pete!) 🙂

The parade also featured our dishy PM, Justin Trudeau, but unfortunately due to a poorly timed pee break, I missed this up close and personal encounter.  Thankfully sister snapped a quick iPhone shot, without even realizing who was in the frame…LOL!

More practice is in order to totally master this powerful lens….soooo many shots were out of focus, I think because of the focus set up, but hey – much of the fun is in the learning when it comes to photography, for me at least.  Below are the best of the bunch from Baby’s first time out.  If anyone uses the same lens on a regular basis – I’d love to hear tips for getting the most out of it.

Oh….and it’s Pride right, so “viewer discretion is advised“.

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