….’overdue inspiration’

August 2017

I’ve been wondering of late whether photographers may be susceptible to their own version of “writer’s block”.  I say this because with each dry month that has blown by this year, I’ve run out of excuses….I have the equipment, the time, a reasonable skill set –  and yet, nada…rien…niets!

Well that’s behind me –  I think (hope) because my long-lost inspiration presented itself again this weekend at a meet-up with our friends and their kiddos.  This is without a doubt one of the most “chilled” families we know….what with the parents’ sense of humour, a fearless young son and their recent addition of a beautifully intense daughter.

I’ve always said that I love to photograph people, places and things….well I’m thinking perhaps, it’s the human connection that is, in fact, my inspiration.   I will test that theory….but for now, the only thing left for me to do was hang out with my camera ready to roll!



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