….’be nosey’

January 2017

While I’m a big fan of “keeping Christmas in December”….I only recently had a chance to review some shots that were taken during a special trip to the UK, to spend the holiday season with family.  So please indulge me with this flashback as you’re endeavouring to get on with 2017, just because…

This little set started out with my 7-year-old niece (Emily) taking an interest in my Nikon D90 when I was capturing some moments on December 25th.  So I handed the camera over, forgetting in the moment that everything was set to “manual”….and with minimal guidance, she proficiently went around the room.  Most of the portraits below were taken by “our Em”….and the rest by me (the understudy!).

Oh…and incase you’re wondering, the answer is yes – in St Helens, UK, we don our reindeer antlers and red noses throughout the festive season “as you do”!


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