…’in search of Yogi’

September 2016

We just LOVE the National Parks in the US, and given it’s the centennial celebration this year we opted to visit a couple them.  Yellowstone was a very different experience from our hiking trip to Joshua Tree this past February, in part because we decided to drive there from Vancouver, BC (via Portland).  It was an epic road trip unlike any we’ve undertaken previously, and in planning this little jaunt, we decided we’d share the driving so the 4,300+ kilometres wouldn’t be too much of a challenge between us.  As it turned out, I seem to have an aversion to driving at high-speed along an interstate, and so my “share” of the drive amounted to a mere 50 km or so, before I lost my nerve and was relegated to co-pilot status!

By the time we arrived in Yellowstone (after first spending a couple of days in Teton National Park) I was more than ready for the black bear, grizzly bear, wolves, moose and perhaps the odd bison sighting…any of the aforementioned would provide ample opportunity for my future National Geographic cover shot!!!  Alas, it very quickly became apparent that the wildlife would not be lining up waiting for me to pose them, and so I decided to just enjoy the scenery, and more importantly the company, instead!

A few images were captured along the way, and posted below for those who may be interested in heading to this gem of a park in the future.



The Old Faithful Inn…what a wonderful, historic spot to spend a night or two.


….and the geyser of the same name doesn’t disappoint in blowing off steam every 90 mins or so!




….no grizzlies, wolves or moose to be seen anywhere – but the abundance of bison did not disappoint 🙂



….and then there was the hiking – awe-inspiring even for those of us who are afraid of heights!


yellowstone-10 yellowstone-11



….the hotel rooms in the park all seemed to have a cute furry friend installed (and available for purchase at a reasonable price btw!) – and after 4 days I was beginning to think this may be the only bear we would see during our trip.


….and then on our final day’s drive, behold – there were these 2 guys (or gals) off the side of the road, and blatantly unaware of the traffic chaos their playful presence had created!  Yay for our Yogi sighting!



….we thought this geyser sign was pretty funny (and unnecessary), until we saw some tourists from another continent stepping off the trails to put their hand in the water, or get a better angled photo – unbelievable!  Yellowstone should seriously consider replacing the boy image with a fully grown man or woman…(the kiddos appeared to be following the rules!)




…the highlight of the trip for us was by far the multitude of geysers and hot pools/springs.  The prismatic colours were incredible, and although we only saw snippets due to the cold temperatures (snow had already fallen causing the steam to obliterate many) – we were impressed all the same.








…heading home via Montana (a river runs through it don’t you know?!).  Spot the cowboy!



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