…’you, me and Joshua Tree’

March 2016

We were thrilled to enjoy a few days in Joshua Tree National Park (California) recently, and a good part of it was spent hiking through the desert landscape taking in the glorious (not too hot for February!) sun.  At the end of each day we typically exited the Park….grabbed or made dinner at our motel, and relaxed in the hot tub while deliberating which happy trail to take the following day.  All this made for a great work out and a fine time taking in the awesome vistas, but… something was missing?!   You got it, our post-hike fatigue and the need for nourishment (ok, ok… maybe a cocktail too!) meant we had missed my most favourite time of day…sunset.

So upon quickly freshening up after our last day hike, we sped back into the park in search (under pressure I might add) of “the” perfect spot to watch the day draw to its technicolour close…











and….we also made the effort to “try something new”,  which I originally hoped would be time-lapse shots of the desert sky stars.  Unfortunately, or fortunately as it happened, it was a ‘full’ moon’ and so I switched gears, and with the help of my photographic assistant (aka dear husband), played around with some flashlight Joshua Tree monograms…by the light of the silvery moon 🙂

Note:  the first crap attempt was mine, and then I went back where I belong (behind the camera) and left it to the talented writer of the family to turn it around!







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