…’freeze frame’

February 2016

I know I’ve mentioned previously how much I’m in awe of wildlife photographers (dedicated amateurs and pros alike!)….and my respect has been reinforced on the rare occasions I’ve tried it for myself. Case in point was a recent impromptu opportunity I grabbed when I realized someone had kindly placed a Humming Bird feeder in my path, and…..I happened to be carrying my camera!  I’ve always been fascinated by Humming Birds, and I love to watch ‘slo-mo’ footage on wildlife documentaries as well as appreciate the really close up, sharp captures by talented photog types.

My encounter involved a few fleeting moments with the little guy below – my Nikon D90 and my 50 mm prime glass.  There was obviously no “zoom” action happening here…so I was relieved that the hungry hummer was happy to drop by for a snack with me hanging out a few feet away 🙂   Fortunately, this beauty came by 3 or 4 times in the space of 10 minutes – so I had a chance to quickly change-up my camera settings and these are the best captures (ISO 800, F2.8 and 1/4000 seconds).

If you’ve had the pleasure of being close enough to hear the hum and take a shot…I’d love to hear what settings you used so I can add them to my toolkit for next time!








3 thoughts on “…’freeze frame’

    • Thanks Andrew….apparently there is a similar feeder in someone’s front garden on Haro Street that’s a good spot to see Humming Birds – I’ll have to explore 🙂

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