…’try something new’

January 2016

Much has been written about the science of perception with respect to the passage of time.  You can find a plethora of information on the internet if you want to know more on the subject, but one of the key learnings for me is the possibility that when you are experiencing new things, that period of time seems to stretch out longer in your mind.  Knowing this, we made a pact to try to do something new each weekend in 2016, and test the theory of whether our “days off” appear to last longer.

Although we’re lucky enough to live approx. 90 minutes from Whistler Ski Resort, we’ve never taken a day trip up there on public transport, nor have we snowshoed in the area – so for us this was something new.  I won’t pretend we (well perhaps just me on reflection) weren’t grumpy having to crawl out of a really comfy, warm bed at 05:00 on Saturday morning to make our way to the bus stop!  However, the luxury of having someone else chauffeur us up the winding mountain road provided a nice opportunity for a snooze.  On arriving, we had the entire day to eat breakfast, explore the snowshoe trails around ‘Lost Lake’, and partake in the apres-ski (I reckon the fact that we moved around on snow all day qualified us for this despite the obvious lack of skis or snowboard!).   The fresh mountain air, awesome snowy scenery and let’s not forget the apres-ski hour – completed our mini travel adventure and saw us on the bus to Vancouver by 4:30 pm and ready for another snooze on the way back.

Did the weekend feel longer you may wonder?….well, in our minds yes – and I guess that’s all that matters at the end of the day.  This said, you too may want to try something new 🙂

















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