….’light fantastic’

October 2015

Friends have been bringing Orchid gifts for our new home of late – a kind and thoughtful gesture indeed.  There was a time however when the sight of an Orchid plant coming through our front door would have prompted a loud “inside voice” groan, followed by a quick mental calculation as to how long the beautiful specimen would last before heading on up to the big fertilizer patch in the sky!

So what’s changed you might ask?  Simply this, we have light – natural light, and an abundance of it! Now I’ve never had ‘green fingers’ per se….but despite this, I seem to be managing to follow some basic instructions around providing appropriate amounts of water, and a well-lit aspect, to at least provide these delicate blossoms with a fighting chance.

Another score on the natural light front is that I no longer have to set my tripod up shoulder-to-shoulder with the patio door, and my camera to a 5-second exposure – in order to get a half decent macro shot (useful to know that our old place was surrounded by 80 ft Sequoia trees!).

So here goes….hand-held macro Orchids captured on the dining room table – who would have thought 🙂















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