…’make a call or make a memory?’

August 2015

Feels like it’s time to learn something new, in a formal setting that is, so I’ve been perusing the local colleges for photography related classes, and I while I did find a course that peaked my interest ‘Practical Lighting’, I also came across the one described below….


“‘Smart Phone Photography’

With rapid advances in smartphone technology the smartphone has become a viable way of making photographs, and is becoming the camera of choice for many photographers. In this course, students will have the opportunity to learn about the aesthetics, techniques, and applications of smartphone photography through a series of field trips and image review. This course is geared for both the experienced photographer and the person whos discovered the love of photography solely through their smart phone.”


….I (we) are not early adopters when it comes to new technology, and in fact only made the leap to purchase a smart phone for personal use early this year!   Like many others though, we are now hooked on its neat features and versatility (GPS, camera, light meter, torch etc).  So when I first saw the advertisement for the above course, the traditional photographer in me baulked as I thought to myself “seriously!” what is there to learn about hitting one button on your phone to take a snapshot.  However, once I got over myself (a few seconds later) and thought it through…I decided this can only be a good thing.  After all, why should the creation of beautiful images and memories be restricted to times when you purposefully pack a compact or DSLR camera around with you?

While I don’t believe the quality of a smart phone image will ever match that generated with a nice piece of prime glass (but hey, who really knows?), knowledge is power and if ‘phone photographers’ have a passion for capturing an image to share or keep, gaining a few pointers around composition/light etc. via a training course, is likely time and money well spent.

Here’s a sample of what our iPhone has been capturing so far this year 🙂


One thought on “…’make a call or make a memory?’

  1. Great post and wonderful Smartphone images, Deb. Very creative. I love it as an addition to my arsenal and also noticed lots of IPhone classes being offered. Happy tapping….😉

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