…’our little Angel’

August 2015

Although we went full throttle when we took up juicing a couple of years ago after watching the documentary ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’ (see https://carrymycamera.com/2014/03/25/juice-on/), we weren’t sure if it would be a passing”fad” for us, or whether we would incorporate it permanently into our daily routine.   With this in mind, we purchased a Breville juicer for a couple of hundred bucks and decided to “see how it goes”.  Well, the truth is that Breville has taken a bashing, to the point where it was crying out (very loudly I might add) for a new blade, and we were cringing at the thought of waking up our entire apartment building in the morning so we could have our juice fix.  Reluctantly we retired it….and pondered as to what our next juicer would be, while at the same time maintaining our daily juice intake with store-made fresh green juice (CA$9.50 per 16oz jar) yikes!  We figured after a week of this that we would be bankrupt in no time, so with a bit of research, decided to invest in a masticating juicer.  It wasn’t cheap, but we should have recouped the cost of our little ‘Angel’ in around 3 months and it has a 15 year guarantee.  If like us, you’re an avid juicer – we highly recommend this baby, it’s easy to use/clean and the juice output is both plentiful and tasty 🙂

Being attracted to ‘shiny’ things – the purchase has also given me an excuse to pick up my camera and snap a few shots of our new counter-top addition in action!















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