…’o brother where art thou?’

March 2015

I was thirteen when my ‘Little Bro’ made an appearance….”it’s got a spout, it’s got a spout!” – I recall dad proclaiming as he quickly thumbed through the phone book to inform family and friends of the new arrival.  After what had been a line of daughters to that point, he (they)….mum had played a major part in this little miracle too after all – now had a son!  Until then, as the eldest child, I think I somewhat filled the “son” gap from time to time, in that dad took me along to what would once be considered male oriented activities (thankfully that isn’t the case anymore!).  So I found myself accompanying him on fishing excursions to the local canal (don’t think we caught much and I’m sure it was because I made too much noise) and riding pillion on his ‘Honda 754’ motorbike around the ‘TT Races’ track on the Isle of Man.  I had a brill time….in retrospect (you always enjoy an adventure in retrospect as dear husband says), and I wouldn’t trade any of those experiences for the world – but I have to say, the arrival of my brother ‘Terence’ was very timely, as it was around the time I became more focussed on hanging out with friends….some of whom were boys!

So life goes on….we grow up and the path I eventually choose brings me to Canada.  Brother dear is still a teenager when I make the move (some 17 yrs ago), so I never really get to know him as an adult.  The intermittent trips home to the UK over the years have revolved around family get-togethers, including the entourage of beloved nieces and nephews, and with not enough time to hang out with any one sibling.  All this to add some context to the recent visit brother made to Canada. Turns out we have some things in common!….we love to over-analyze things, we share the same perspective on many current affairs…, we love to dance (in fact we owned ‘The Roxy’ dance floor) and I think we both have a pretty good eye when it comes to taking a photo.

This said….I was intrigued to see Vancouver through my brother’s eyes in the shots he took while pounding the streets at his ‘super fast’ walking pace with trusty iPhone. One of the things I took away from our evening debriefs was just how curious he is – about EVERYTHING!   We were presented with a plethora of facts and observations about local points of interest that we didn’t even know after living here for a number of years.  How cool is that!….you get to see your home city through a fresh pair of eyes!


Not sure who took the above shot – likely mum or dad.

Feature Photographer: Terence Gerrard

Everything that follows is through the eyes of my Bro – except for the last, ‘recent’, shot of us both at Mardi Gras.





















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