…’I nominate me (b+w)!’

December 2014

I was feeling pretty smug this past summer, having managed to dodge a nomination for the infamous “ice bucket challenge” that plagued the internet, and I must admit, I tend to be a bit of a “party-pooper” when this type of unsolicited dare presents itself.  This said, I know I would have enjoyed participating in the recent ‘black + white photo challenge’ that came around, but perhaps my reluctance to play the game on other occasions caught up with me this time, when I didn’t receive a nomination.

Not to worry….and being the kind of person who usually hastens to ‘turn that frown upside down’, I decided to have a mooch through my archives to select a few of my favourite b+w images from the last couple of years.  These are shots where I was either having the most fun, trying to be the most technically competent, or just being the most in the moment and connected to the subject that I could be.

One of these days I might just start my own photo challenge!
















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