weekly photo challenge…’on the move’

May 2014

My orange shoes were on the move today!….they represent a rare impulse buy on my part, that has proven to be the gift to myself that just keeps on giving.   I’m no fashionista – but when we were heading to New York last year I felt the need to make an effort to update my wardrobe a tad, and orange really seemed to be the new black.  So I splurged (by my standards) on these babies, and it never ceases to amaze me how much attention they draw.  Case in point, I was walking down the street a couple of weeks after said purchase, feet happily encased in shiny orange leather, and a teenage boy riding his bike in the opposite direction called out “nice shoes lady!”.  Well I never!….and the compliments have been coming on a regular basis ever since.  Needless to say, I’m encouraged to move away from my mundane cast of colours to try something else new – who knows what will be next?!











13 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge…’on the move’

  1. Thanks Andrew…I know you know and appreciate the stroll I took!…..and you have an uncanny habit of melding my first and second name together 😉

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