…’seal the deal’

April 2014

While visiting our close friends James & Andrea over the Easter holiday weekend, we founds ourselves sitting around trying to decide what to do (as is standard practice when the four of us get together), and stuck in a perpetual cycle of “I dunno, what do you want to do?”.  Truth be told, we did in fact know what at least one of us wanted to do, because given the choice on any day of the week, James would choose the same activity….FISHING!  Fortunately he happens to own a fancy fishing boat, which makes this an easy accomplishment.  So when none of us could come up with a different/better idea to pass a few hours, and when he happened to mention there was a chance we would see some Seals, providing me with a wildlife photo opportunity, we made ready to set sail on the ‘Cala Sea’.

Who knew that only 2 short hours later I would be reeling in my first catch ever (besides darling husband that is!).  This was followed soon after by a second bigger catch that ‘Captain James’ safely landed (note: potential new TV show – “The Safest Catch”!)….and of course we enjoyed a fresh salmon dinner that evening.

So I’ve decided that fishing can actually be quite entertaining and fun, all credit to our hosts for making it so by the way.  This said, likely not a surprise that the highlight of the excursion for me was the chance to see some Seals and Sea Lions in their own habitat, and then again close up back at the dock waiting for their share of the salmon dinner.













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