…’web gems’

January 2014

I’m fascinated by the fragile beauty of spider webs, but that wasn’t always the case.  I think the turning point came a couple of years ago when a spider decided to make its home across our glass patio door and I had a close up window seat for the entire performance.  Not only did this agile arachnid painstakingly construct its silk palace with skill and precision, in the days that followed – likely a result of rain, wind, birds and maybe the neighbour’s cat….the marvel of engineering was destroyed and subsequently rebuilt over and over and over again.

My new appreciation for these wispy wonders prompted me to try my hand at some macro shots….and I have tried, on a number of occasions over the last few months in fact – but until this past weekend haven’t had much success.  So what changed you may ask…?  Well, I think I simply grew some patience and positioned myself for long enough in front of a couple of dew-drop laden webs, to be in the right place when the wind subsided and the details came into focus.  I’m happy with this set, and it was worth the 3 hours I spent hunting for subjects and crouching in the cold!

What do you think?









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