weekly photo challenge…’community’

December 2013

Although the focus of my blog is photography, and I primarily use it to share recently taken images; I find it’s also a great way to share a story… and for this week’s challenge I delved into the archives of my pre-DSLR days, to tell a tale of seasonal shenanigans from December 2009, which I think speaks well to ‘community’.

Inspired by my all time favourite movie ‘Love Actually’ and in particular the scenes in the art gallery (with larger than life images of men and women wearing ‘Santa Hats’ and not another stitch), I somehow managed to talk dear husband into helping me reproduce the spectacle – only using the community of 14ft sculptures that live across from English Bay, as models.  Needless to say, this was easier said than done….and it involved the development and execution of a cunning plan, a plan that we fondly refer to as ‘Project Eggnog”…

Step 1:  the reconnaissance – just how big do these Santa Hats need to be?


Step 2:  easy right?…just hand-make a dozen huge hats and a couple of scarves!!!


…I think we may have underestimated the scope of the project!


…with December 24th fast approaching we could have used the nimble fingers of a few of Santa’s little helpers!


Step 3:  get dressed!…it’s 04:30 on December 25th and we head down to the scene to quietly unload the hats and stepladder from the car, unnoticed, or are we?  A Police cruiser passes by across the street and it dawns on us that what we were about to do, might not be entirely legal?!  Oh well, we were at the point of no return.


Step 5:  09:30 hrs – December 25th; head back down to scene of shenanigans to check out our work in daylight, and gauge the reaction of passers-by.


…dear husband is clearly pleased with the results!



Success!…and very satisfying to see the cheery holiday smiles on everyone’s face as they stopped to admire.



…I bet he got some nice shots!


…we enjoyed the display along with everyone else and didn’t divulge we knew the Elves who did it!


…enough now, enough!


Although the statues were only supposed to be displayed temporarily until the end of 2011 – I’m pleased to report they have since been purchased and donated – becoming a permanent feature at English Bay, Vancouver which continues to please the public (even without their hats!)


9 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge…’community’

  1. Seeing these pics again made me smile. I’m sharing your blog to spread the Christmas cheer! Our Christmas tradition is to watch Love Actually every December, one of our favourite movies too. We just watched it again this weekend. Happy holidays to you and Pete! xoxo

    • Hi Wendy….so nice to hear from you and glad you’re enjoying my blog from afar! I certainly appreciate you sharing it as I always welcome more visitors 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday season yourself and hugs to Richard, Evan & Daniel xoxo

  2. I was waiting for the day when someone puts an outfit on these sculpture. Hahaha. And you guys did it. Hope they remain until the New Year. I am planning to take pictures of the polar bear swim and bee line to these statues. If they are one, I’ll just borrow one of your pictures credit to you.

      • Darn! I thought it’s there right now. Maybe Lululemon might put some yoga pants for these guys since she’s the one that kept the sculpture for us to enjoy. Thank you for responding.

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