weekly photo challenge…’habit’

November 2013

Wine….habit or hobby?…a bit of both I think – and why not!   The fact that it’s something we (Pete and me) consume often with dinner – and also a topic on which we try to educate ourselves…taking the time to choose a variety of grape that will best complement our food – I think finds the perfect balance.

For any Vancouver readers, you will no doubt be familiar with ‘Everything Wine’ – a retailer (and combined consultancy service) that we’ve only recently become acquainted with.  For those of you who follow but don’t live in Vancouver (or British Columbia for that matter), you may be surprised to learn that almost all the establishments where you can shop for wine are BC government controlled liquor stores.  I kid you not…and for someone like me – originating from the UK where you can pick up a bottle of vino in the supermarket while shopping for other dinner items, it can be a real drag having to make an extra stop-off for wine.  Add to this the fact that when you do, unless you’re a savvy shopper and sport your own recyclable shopping bag, you invariably leave the store having no choice but to walk home with a ‘BC Liquor Stores’ plastic bag, that suggests to onlookers that you are carrying hazardous materials.  It’s a tricky subject I know, and realize that the contents are hazardous for some folk – but do we all have to be labelled that way?!

Back to ‘Everything Wine’….and after a strenuous hike to the top of Grouse Mountain this weekend, we decided to call in on the way home and pick up some wine for dinner with friends and our own enjoyment.  Knowing that I would likely do a ‘habit’ blog post on wine, I also carried my camera and asked for permission to take some shots in the store (and mention them of course).  The staff happily obliged – but unfortunately I only managed the first shot below before I swung around to look at a cheeky little Rose the wine consultant was referring to, and in the process my camera bag connected with an even cheekier bottle of red on display and knocked it flying.  The bottle collided with the shop floor loudly as I looked-on in disbelief, and I subsequently let out an expletive that drew the attention of those in the vicinity who hadn’t already figured out what was going on.  It’s strange how that particular 750 ml bottle of wine seemingly transformed itself into 5 x litres of red liquid, filling an entire aisle way!  I can’t begin to tell you how mortified I was – and as I put the camera away in shame, I felt the only thing I could do to make up for my clumsiness was to purchase an extra couple of bottles of wine!  Thankfully, the one I trashed was not an expensive bottle, and they didn’t charge me for it – instead, the nice young man very graciously left the scene and returned donning a bucket and mop to clean up after yours truly.

So the wine habit is here to stay, and we continue to enjoy our exploration into the why’s and wherefores – in the hope that maybe one day we’ll actually better know what we like and why.












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