weekly photo challenge…’focus’

September 2013

Where does the time go?!  Each week an inspirational email with a photo topic arrives in my inbox, on schedule and as promised when I signed up for the challenge,… and each week I carefully mull over how I might interpret it to reflect my own style and photography goals.   Sounds great in theory, right?….but the real challenge these past few weeks has been actually taking the photos before the next inspirational note shows up the following Friday, on schedule – as promised.   On seeing 4 outstanding emails in a row, with no photos yet to show, I seriously considered whether I should bow out at this point, and take heart that I’ve had fun creating 35 x new posts so far this year, posts that I likely wouldn’t have published without the nicely narrated nudge from Cheri at WordPress.  I also contemplated aspiring to perhaps 1 post per month to relieve the pressure!   Well, you may be interested (and perhaps amused) to hear that I finally came to my senses, I’ve stopped over-analysing it and have made my peace with the fact that I really do enjoy these challenges,…and “so what?” if I can’t meet my self-imposed weekly deadlines; I mean really – I’m supposed to be doing this for stress relief and entertainment!

So….I took a chill pill and took my time with this one, I had no option – I truly did have to focus on my focussing and timing too.  Hope you enjoy 🙂

(Click on 1st image to scroll through gallery)

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