weekly photo challenge…’one shot, two ways’

August 2013

Anyone who frequents this page regularly will know that I “try” to shoot new material for each weekly challenge, as opposed to pulling shots from my archive files.  This is dependent of course on available time and more importantly, inspiration.  I’ve missed a few weeks now for one reason or another, and I almost gave up on this week too due to a busy schedule, but when I arrived home from work today (lacking in energy and feeling ready for a vacation), I decided to see what my ‘WordPress’ photo community had been up to, and was motivated by everyone else’s efforts, to take a walk and see what I could muster up.

As always, I was glad I made the effort to at least participate….and, being a competitive type by nature, I couldn’t limit my contribution to just ‘two’ shots.  I purposefully decided to make this a tad more challenging by carrying only my 50 mm lens, which required some manoeuvering and creative aperture choices in order to portray the same subject in different ways.  As you can see, I chose a fountain, “the” fountain – at ‘Lost Lagoon’, Stanley Park – Vancouver, BC.  The circular promenade around this hive of activity lends itself to multiple angles and ways to capture the action.  So, I’m back in the challenge – I think!

(Click on any image below to scroll through gallery)

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