July 2013

I like to think I’m building a fairly eclectic portfolio….my camera lens follows my varied interests in terms life generally and photography specifically.  This being said, I seem to be drawn more and more to ‘documentary’ style projects, whether it be candids on the street, or following a family at play for a few hours in the park – as is the case with the fun shoot below.

10-13-01 10-13-02 10-13-03 10-13-04 10-13-05 10-13-06 10-13-07 10-13-08 10-13-09 10-13-10 10-13-11 10-13-12 10-13-13 10-13-14 10-13-15

2 thoughts on “…’playtime’

  1. That is a beautiful documentation of a family in a park. You have captured them full of life and so playful. Great moments, beautiful light and nice colours.

    • Thanks!…and just want to say I LOVE!…your Malawi posts in particular remind me warmly of the short time I spent there a few years ago 🙂 I really value your feedback and appreciate the time you have taken out of your busy schedule to provide it.

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