weekly photo challenge…’the golden hour’

July 2013

The luminous light of golden hour (a photographer’s best friend), casts its silk-like glow for just a short window twice per day.  If, like I was, you’re unsure when exactly the magic will arrive in your neighbourhood – check out the helpful website I came across while trying to determine the times of day for Vancouver http://www.golden-hour.com/

I opted to go with the morning hour, shortly after sunrise that is – but unfortunately I got stuck in bed 😉  It was ultimately an hour after golden hour ended, before I finally stepped outside laden with an armful of sunflowers that have been happily adorning my dining table for a few days.  I pondered whether the warm yellow tones of the early morning light, coupled with the almost flourescent petals of sun, would be too overpowering a match.   I think it works?









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