weekly photo challenge…’fleeting’

June 2013

We made a concerted effort to disconnect from all that is home and work during our recent vacation to Utah & Nevada (Bryce Canyon/Zion National Park/Vegas), which in turn led to me missing a couple of photo challenges.   It was totally worth it though, as the trip provided a fresh outlook, fantastic vistas and some very interesting sights on the street.  I’m still catching up on the news and emails that accumulated during our absence, and in doing so, came across last week’s photo challenge ‘fleeting’.   On seeing this, I think it lends itself to a few shots I took while strolling down ‘the strip’…a place where every which way you look there are faces donning fun-filled expectations for a great night out on the town, no end of continuously changing neon ads for new and exciting experiences, as well as the odd glimpse of some of the permanent inhabitants of that same street, making their way through the hustle bustle of life as best they can.  It’s easy to draw from the exhilarating energy of the human river as you unconsciously move along with the various beats – but I couldn’t help but think however, that the “morning after” feeling for some of those smiley faces, may not be quite so fleeting!











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