weekly photo challenge…’escape’

May 2013

We often describe our vacation or adventure travels as ‘escaping’ to somewhere hot, exotic, interesting etc – but we could just as easily be driving an hour out of town to a local lake, or spending a couple of hours in a movie theatre – as flying thousands of miles to another continent.  To ‘escape’, for us, is to remove ourselves from the daily routine and sometimes we do this comfortably and sometimes we push ourselves to the limit.  In terms of travel, we’ve spent a fair amount of time in Africa, and it’s ironic that as much as we consider this a break, albeit usually a ‘challenging’ break – it’s never lost on us, particularly when without fail one of the locals wants to take our name, address and email details… that their dream of escape is more often than not to get away from the life of hardship that we have travelled to witness.  Thinking about it from this perspective, as I leaf through our collection of bank notes from far away – we should probably find a new way of describing our urge to explore new landscapes and meet those who might use the term ‘escape’ in earnest.

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