weekly photo challenge…’culture’

April 2013

When I first saw the topic of this week’s challenge, my initial reaction was to start scanning through some shots I took last Fall while travelling in Nepal…a place that amazed us with its harmonious blend of cultural and religious beliefs.  However, having previously posted on that subject, I decided to look a bit closer to home.  The second thing that springs to mind for me is the changing culture of Vancouver, in terms of its desire to be the ‘Greenest City’ by the year 2020.

While taking an introductory photography class in 2010 we were assigned a project of choice, and I opted to take some images of my home city’s efforts to ‘go green’.  I’m including those images here, and with the exception of the ‘pink lights’, will let them speak for themselves.  If you happen to be curious about those pink lights, check out the background on Page 21 of the link below, which also happens to be my one and only published photograph to date!










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