just fine and dandy…

April 2013

For a while now I’ve been wanting to do my own take on the infamous dandelion clock…which really does seem to be a classic for many photographers.  I didn’t set out to capture one specifically this week, I just happened to be walking by a crop of them a couple of days ago so plucked the specimen below and very carefully carried it home (they keep well in a glass of water).  What I particularly liked about this little project was the time commitment – it was fast!  The combination of camera, macro lens, tripod and dandelion clock were an easy set up and I think the results far outweigh the amount of effort I put in.  Apart from the fact that we are still trying to pick up all the spores (I couldn’t resist blowing them off and didn’t think to step outside – duh!), the whole exercise took about 20 minutes and I’m really pleased with the few images below – what do you think?









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