weekly photo challenge…’up’

April 2013

For the majority of challenges to date I’ve made a concerted effort to not only shoot new material, but to try/practice some new techniques, and this week was no exception.  Unfortunately, as so often happens when you step out of your comfort zone to experiment, it doesn’t always go to plan, and this is a good example.

Giving some thought to ‘up’, I decided I wouldn’t go with the obvious i.e.; a viewpoint of a thing or place that is already ‘up’ high, but instead would create and capture the inertia effect of a drop of milk (and some food colouring for added interest).  This was easier said than done!  I have to confess it was a tad disappointing after spending a couple of hours setting up and hitting the ‘liquid dropper’ and ‘shutter button’ in what I thought was an almost perfectly synchronized manner….to discover all the images were out of focus.  I eventually figured out that my ‘off camera’ flash was likely too far away from the ‘drop zone’,  and I don’t have a window to re-do this little project the way I would like.  However, it has now become somewhat of a mission for me to “get the shot” and I will keep trying.  I can see it in my mind’s eye….it will be sharp, free of splatters and the results will appear effortless and quite stunning 😉

In the meantime, here are a few blurry examples of the practice run….and  I urge you to watch this space for the ultimate ‘liquid crown’!



WPC-16-01 WPC-16-02


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