the herons are here!…

April 2013

I wasn’t gifted with an abundance of patience, which may explain why I haven’t yet tried my hand at wildlife photography (I also don’t have a mega zoom lens!).  This said, I was heading into work for a few hours this morning and noticed a lot of movement in the nearby trees, where the infamous ‘Great Blue Herons’ carry out their annual mating and nesting activities.  Trying to live up to my name, I was in fact carrying my camera with me, so quickly pulled it out and clicked away.  I always shoot in manual mode, which is fine when you have a couple of minutes to fiddle with settings – however, on this occasion I didn’t, and the light was particularly challenging, so just about everything was underexposed – sigh.  I did however salvage the few shots below with an exposure boost in processing, and have posted only to spike your interest and invite you to check out the link below, which provides interesting facts about these beautiful prehistoric looking creatures, as well as great images from the many wildlife photographers that show up at this time of year.










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