weekly photo challenge…’a day in my life’

April 2013

I honestly can’t fathom why anyone would be interested in looking through a pictorial diary of my day…but not wanting this challenge to get the better of me, I’ve given it a go with my little Olympus point & shoot and Poladroid software – to try to add a funky factor.    It’s probably a good thing we had a long weekend as I couldn’t have pulled this off on a work day…my colleagues would not have been impressed at me whipping out the camera every couple of hours in meetings, and the images would likely all have been of folk sat around meeting tables using their Blackberrys!

This is in fact a typical “day off” in my life and looking over the completed set below, I can see a recurring theme of where my free time goes…food/wine, exercise, travel & photography.  I should qualify however, that I purposefully chose a non-grocery shopping/non-laundry day, so as not to torture any of my precious few followers!

6 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge…’a day in my life’

    • Thanks for stopping by and yes, I guess the day was as interesting as I wanted it to be, and that’s all that matters on a day off! I was just checking out some of your work and you’re lucky to have your own cast of little models to practice your photography! Shoot from the hip looked like fun and worked out nicely.

    • Thanks for stopping by and appreciating the post. I agree pictures are a great way to document and share our lives – I guess I’m just a bit shy at sharing my personal routine – so thanks for the encouragement!

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