weekly photo challenge…’future tense’

March 2013

OK…sad to have missed last week’s photo challenge ‘lunchtime’, but have a very cool excuse in that we were en route to NYC to celebrate darling husband’s 50th birthday!  Oops…did I just broadcast that again! (sorry Pete xoxo).

So on arriving back from what was to be our 1st ever visit to the ‘Big Apple’, and arguably one of the most high energy, fun-packed city breaks we’ve ever had – I scrolled through my email backlog and figured there must be something from our trip that lends itself to the ‘future’ photo challenge.   In fact, still buzzing from the hustle of the big smoke, the most appropriate depiction I found was ‘movement’ i.e.; people and things all about to go… or actually going somewhere (into the future), whether it be the Staten Island Ferry ready to pull anchor, the hundreds of thousands of feet pounding the pavements, big yellow taxis or the indifferent commuters (and obvious tourists) being transported around underground.

Interestingly enough, as I’m writing this it’s something that will be posted in the future (just a few minutes) but by the time you read it… done and dusted – past tense!

Have a fabulous Easter weekend!




















6 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge…’future tense’

  1. Hey Deb

    I am…what’s the word…gobsmacked that Pete is 50! He is so young at heart that you would never know, so definitely age is just a number in his case. Please wish Pete a happy belated birthday from us!

    Enjoying seeing your pics and reading your blog. glad to see that you had a wonderful time in NYC! We went last spring and stayed near Times Square. Boys especially loved the lights and the M&M store and riding the ferris wheel in Toys R Us. Everything on the big scale there! It was surprisingly so safe with the police presence everywhere too.

    Hope all’s well

    Wendy x

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Wendy…thanks for your note and agree that it is just a number! We had a fantastic time and will definitely go back another time. I can only imagine what the boys were like at the M&M place. We saw the chaos of it from the street and that was enough for us! I’ve passed along your best wishes and if you want to check out our trip pics I’ve posted (50) of them on FB. Take care…Deb x

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