weekly photo challenge…’my neighborhood’

March 2013

We’ve had a lot of rain and drizzle lately in my neighborhood…but you get that…in Vancouver…in March.   This said, when I glanced outside this past Sunday and the sky looked optimistically white, as opposed to the familiar battleship grey that gives you notice (should you wish to heed it) that bucketfuls of water are about to ensue…I decided to make a mad dash out for supplies.

I had only ventured a few blocks when my wandering thoughts shifted from; how empty the bike lanes are today, which route should I take in order to tick off the shopping list most expeditiously, should I buy the same shade of lip gloss again….. to LUCKY ME!    After all, I don’t have to fight for the right to live freely in my country of origin while trying to assimilate into a foreign culture thousands of miles away, whose customs and traditions don’t always align with mine.  This shift was prompted by a gathering of individuals that appeared to spring from nowhere, but in fact were in my line of sight for a number of minutes before I garnered enough interest to really look and see what was unfolding before me.  I stood and quietly observed amongst the other onlookers and captured a few images of perseverance and hope for change, and then moved on….only this time my eyes were not wide shut!











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