weekly photo challenge…’kiss’

February 2013

When I raided my archives to find a few shots of people “kissing” for the weekly photo challenge “love”, I had no way of knowing that a few short weeks later, I might need those precious pics for the “kiss” challenge.  Not to be easily dissuaded, I came to the conclusion the only thing for it was to actually leave the house and look for love in the neighbourhood.

A well used stretch of path I know at English Bay waterfront seemed like a fine place to plead with passers-by to pucker up…, so armed with a make-shift sandwich board, a bag of Hershey’s Kisses and of course my camera, we set off.   Darling husband had offered to accompany me to provide moral support, or perhaps it was really to witness the entertaining spectacle of me trying to entice Sunday strollers to pause momentarily!, in any case I welcomed the company and with just an hour of daylight to play with, we sped off.

The first 10 minutes or so were not at all fruitful, and when I took a few steps back from our chosen location to reflect, it dawned on me that Pete had planted himself on a bench immediately adjacent to the sign below – we had a chuckle and he repositioned himself a couple of benches away.  That seemed to do the trick (not to say he doesn’t have very kissable lips!)…and I soon found folk were stepping up and enquiring as to what was going on.

I have to say, I was blown away by the good-natured locals and tourists alike (couples, mother & son, father & daughter), all of who had a great sense of humour and total willingness to help out a complete stranger!  I particularly enjoyed the seniors (who emigrated from my homeland many moons ago) and whose response to my suggestion that they take a seat and kiss, was to ask for clarification as to whether I wanted it “with or without tongues” – what a hoot!

MESSAGE FOR THE MODELS:  If you’ve stopped by to take a look at the end result and would like a free copy of your photo, please email a request to:













8 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge…’kiss’

    • Thanks for your kind words Alessandro – it’s not easy stepping out of the comfort zone! By the way, I look through your work often and continue to be very impressed :o)

    • Thanks for taking the time to check out the post and yes, I think everyone involved had a few laughs. I’m encouraged to step out again for another project sometime!

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