weekly photo challenge…’home’

February 2013

“Keep the Home Fires Burning”…you’ve no doubt heard this well used idiom, even if you didn’t know it’s a famous song from the First World War.  During those troubled years, the lyrics were something for the worried hearts of wives, daughters, mothers and sisters alike to cling to, while keeping hope for the safe return of the men in their lives.

For most of us the stereotypical vision of a crackling log fire, or the warm light of dancing flames on our decorative candles, is a reality within easy reach…and while we work hard for and enjoy these comforts…when I think of our cosy home, I can’t help but also think of all the folk, who for one reason or another, won’t be feeling safe, warm and truly at home this night.  Home = Gratitude.

WPC13-061 WPC13-062




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