a walk in the woods…

January 2013

Fortunately, we don’t have to wander very far to take a walk in the woods, as we live virtually on the door step of ‘Stanley Park’ in downtown Vancouver.  I don’t think we would be so easily motivated if it meant hopping in a car and driving any distance – and I have to add that we do not take this for granted – it comes at a cost!  So on opening the curtains this morning and confirming it was a nice dry, although somewhat foggy day, we decided to head out for a gentle hike through the park trails.  This serves as our gradual warm-up in preparation for when the snow melts and we can get in some hard-core (by our standards that is!) hiking around the local mountains again.

Apart from the cooler temperatures at the moment, it’s already starting to feel like Spring is anxious to do its thing, what with the buds emerging all around on shrubs and trees, and we even spied a few early blossoms prematurely breaking through.  I’m really looking forward to capturing the explosion of activity this Spring now that I have the long-time coveted 100mm 2.8 macro in my kit!

In the meantime, I figured the fungi deserve some recognition too, so I’ve included a few shots below, along with the prize shot of the excursion – you can only see it by day; but it sees you even better by night!






The tree and foliage shots with the fog drifting through had more impact in B&W





All the above were taken with a Nikon D-90 & Nikkor 18-200 Lens

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