weekly photo challenge: ‘resolved’…

January 2013

Being a native “Brit”, people often assume that a love of all things tea is woven into my DNA, when the reality is, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.   Admittedly, as a child living in the UK and spending lots of quality time with my grandmother (aka ‘Muzz’), I was plied with many cups of ‘PG Tips’ that came in one variety only….sweet and extra milky (yuk)!  While I loved my ‘Muzz’ dearly, I do believe her mission to keep me topped-up to the gills with extra-milky tea, inadvertently led to what became an extended ‘tea-free’ time in adult life.

This said, I do acknowledge the benefits of tea, and have worked diligently at becoming a better tea-drinker over recent years.  This was surely demonstrated during a recent Himalayan trek where ‘ginger and/or lemon tea’ was the only liquid, aside from water, to pass my parched lips for 2-weeks straight.  I was pleasantly surprised at what appeared to be only positive effects of this marathon tea-drinking exercise, and resolved to drink more of the magical flavoured water on my return home.  I know this may seem like an exaggeration, but it did keep me going for a number of days at ‘high altitude/sub-zero’ temperatures, so there has to be something to it, right!?

Not sure whether I relayed this revelation to our good friend Jacqui post trip, or whether she is also a member of the secret ‘we are benefitting from tea-drinking club’, but she arrived at our place for holiday festivities bearing the gift of a couple of sexy-looking ‘Fire Red’ mini-teapot/teacup combos, and a plethora of interesting ‘David & Co.’ teas to sip and sample.  My favourite so far is ‘Long-Life’…go figure!

So as you can see, it was in fact meant to be….one of my New Year resolutions that is….drink more tea!

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