Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures…

December 2012

New Years resolutions made in haste (or even carefully thought out for that matter) are challenging to keep; so I’ve decided to continue eating too much salt, drinking too much wine and under-utilizing my pass to the state-of-the-art YMCA pool & gym facility (2 blocks away!).   Instead, I’ve resolved to put more energy into a few things I already enjoy, including the improvement of my photography skills, and thus I’m sure my chances of succeeding will be significantly increased.

This said, I’ll be participating in a weekly photo challenge and I’m already signed up and eagerly awaiting the ‘inspirational’ emails from the good people at WordPress, who will provide weekly topics to focus on…no pun intended!

In the meantime however, I think I’ve just slipped-in ahead of the 2012 deadline for posting a few of my favourite images of people, places and things from this past year.  I’ve limited it to (12) shots, although this doesn’t mean (1) per month, but this time next year (and that had better be a long time coming!), the images will “hopefully” correspond to the month they were taken.

All the very best for 2013 and I hope you keep your own goals within reach too!  ;o)

(click on image to enlarge and scroll through set)

Winter Solitude

Floating Tulip

Heidi's Bump

Broken Barn

Love Nature

Heidi's Boy

From Farm to Fork

Emmy's Eyes

The Pigeon Chaser

Water for Elephants

Keep trekking

Ginger Lights

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