with this ring…

October 2012

It’s an incredible feeling to share in what transpires to be, for many folk, one of the most special days of their lives.   As the photographer capturing these magical moments, it’s also the type of assignment it’s also the most ‘high pressure’!

This said, I had a unique opportunity recently to witness the very low-key wedding ceremony of two beautiful ladies, Leodith & Susy.  This came about at fairly short notice through a friend (Bonnie Mackenzie) who in her retirement has become an awesome Marriage Commissioner.  It happened that Bonnie was chosen as the Commissioner to wed Leodith & Susy, who were not looking for a full-on wedding package with hoards of guests, but just someone to take a handful of decent shots as a keepsake.  This suited my comforted level just fine.

Thankfully, the rain on this October Sunday let up somewhat and we were able to head outside after the exchange of vows to take a few chilly/damp pics.  Although, as you will see below, you would never know just how gloomy it was given the warm, loving expressions these newly wedded lasses were sporting.


5 thoughts on “with this ring…

  1. Hi Deb,
    Thank you again for sharing this great memory with us. We truly are grateful, more power to you.

    Happy New year!

    Leodith and Susy

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