all the leaves are brown…

October 2012

Summer was more than fashionably late arriving in Western Canada this year…. but when she did, all was forgiven because she stayed for the duration and lingers even now as we move slowly into the Fall.  I mentioned somewhere in a previous post that I really appreciate the visibly changing seasons in my small part of this big world, and the most dramatic for me is the shift into Fall (or Autumn for my UK peeps!), which not only brings a fantastic array of warm colours, but is actually audible.  I’m talking about the classic crunch of crispy leaves underfoot (or car tire as I noticed a few days ago), or the plonk of a chestnut hitting the pathway when out for a leisurely stroll.  Of course….the crispy, crunchy leaf thing lasts only as long as the wet weather holds off….and after more than 2 months of dry, sunny days – you just know (in Vancouver) this meteorological anomaly isn’t going to last much longer.  With this in mind, I forced myself to take a walk recently on a day when I didn’t feel like doing much of anything at all and in particular leaving the house.  However, spurred on by that sometimes annoying sense of ‘carpe diem’, I broke through the boundaries of the homestead to capture some colour on a macro level (that way I get to lay down and shoot some of the time!).   Before long I was lost in the moment, barely noticing the strange looks from passers-by as I lay on the pavement in the Park, covered in bits of foliage and clicking away at what must seem to many folk as “just another dying sunflower or dead leaf”.

BLINK!… and the trees will be bare and the sky will be grey, but I’ll be safe in the knowledge that I have some magical macro colours to brighten up my dull winter days!

(Click on image to enlarge)

6 thoughts on “all the leaves are brown…

    • Thanks so much…I’m still trying to figure out this new macro lens and about 1 in 20 turns out the way I want. I’ll take that for now :o)

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