the family gale…

August 2012

“Benjamen, Jaxx, Karter, Rylann, Emmy, Vivi-Lu…..Benjamen, Jaxx, Karter, Rylann, Emmy, Vivi-Lu”.  This was the mantra-like approach darling husband took in order to learn the names of our six nephews and nieces, who we were seeing as an intact family for the first time this summer during their visit to Whistler.   Well almost all, grown-up big sisters Jori & Sydnee have long since opted out of family road trips, and having witnessed the energy this endeavour involves, quite honestly, I’m not surprised!

Hats off to Pete’s brother Jamie (commonly known as ‘Bing’ because he thinks he can sing!), and his beautiful, quick-witted wife Tara (we shared a few sis-in-law chuckles!).  You really have to see these two in action to appreciate the military-style organization skills required to keep six youngsters (between the ages of 2 and 11), not only safe, happy and engaged, but moving in generally the right direction in terms of learning life’s little lessons.  I imagine it’s not only the developmental side of wrangling the bunch that must be a challenge, but from personal experience, I witnessed the struggle to physically get them from one place to the next on foot, it was like trying to herd cats!

We had plans to join the tribe for a couple of days in Whistler, and this had me wondering how on earth we were going to give the required Aunt and Uncle attention to them all, particularly as there would be a couple of new family members we’d be meeting for the first time.  There was no need to fret however, Mom and Dad had it all planned out…..boys will take mountain bike lessons on Whistler (Crankwerks week!), Mom and Auntie Deb will take the girls to the splash park, and Uncle Pete and daddy (Bro Bing) would go play golf on one of the most prestigious courses in the area!!!?  OK, I’ll admit it, divide and conquer was a great strategy, however, in future visits Tara and I really need to strategize ahead of time… so the bros divvy up the kids, and we hit the spa!

A few shots follow of our hectic, but really enjoyable visit, with a note to self for next time…..take tripod and jump into a few pics too!!!

One thought on “the family gale…

  1. What a delightful story deb, and such fantastic pics to accompany.You have earnt your uncle/aunt stripes with honour. Now its time to prepare for your apparent badge….repeat the mantra rhiannon, alwyn, dylan, for a evil wind is blowing north west to Vancouver and she shall never be the same again. Love to you both.

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