last of the summer dining…

September 2012

It was a happy coincidence to be invited to dinner with our friends Hazel & Dean and Ken & Sandra this past weekend.  Over the last couple of years we’ve fallen into a rotation of hosting dinners at our respective homes once or twice a year, and to date, our turn has been during the winter months, when the lack of outdoor entertaining space in our small condo isn’t an issue.  Hazel and Dean on the other hand have a spacious and beautiful home with a huge deck, a lush green garden and an al fresco dining area that warrants the envy we give it.   How is all this a coincidence you may ask?…., well September 8th just happens to be our wedding anniversary, so rather than book a table in a bustling downtown Vancouver eatery on a Saturday night as we usually do, this year it was so much more enjoyable popping the cork on a chilled bottle of our favourite bubbly and sharing it with great friends and fabulous home cooked food.  The menu was inspired by Hazel & Dean’s recent trip to Hawaii with their gorgeous twin girls, Ashley and Rachel, who just turned sweet sixteen, and who played the perfect assistant hosts to their folks.  In fact, we relied on these two young ladies for some of the evening’s entertainment; including an invented game of lobbing golf balls on strings! (I didn’t take a turn but observing from the sidelines it seemed difficult and potentially harmful if you didn’t master the technique!), as well as a post dinner reptile petting session.  Yes, for real, check out the shots below.

As always there were lively debates on a plethora of subjects as the group tried to keep up with the smartest guy in the room – the jury is still out on who exactly that is!, and as we chatted late into the evening I couldn’t help but think, we’re in the last two weeks of summer and what a lovely way to bring the season to a close.

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