nothing to ‘wine’ about…

August 2012

I found myself at a loose end one evening recently and didn’t feel like heading outdoors, but wanted to play around with my new lens (105mm/f 2.8 macro – YAY, finally!).   I also had the urge to cook up some comfort food, which for me typically translates to either potatoes or pasta, and of course involves an obligatory glass or two of vino!  With this, I decided to consolidate my creative urges into a visually pleasing culinary project or in other words….take some photos of food.  A few months ago the prospect of spending an evening in my kitchen wouldn’t have been so appealing, despite the fact that I love to cook almost as much as I love to take photos and ride my bike, and that’s a lot!  You see, our little kitchen used to be a bit of a challenge ergonomically, what with more walls and less cupboard and counter space than it has now… so we finally bit the bullet this year and upgraded to a new one.  We’re not extravagant folk by any means and if you were to search my closet for designer labels, you would be looking for a very long time.  This said, early on in the kitchen project I spied a counter top sample, a very expensive counter top sample I might add, and just couldn’t get it out of my head no matter how many others I saw – the reason for this you may ask?… has BLING!  I kid you not, this thing sparkles from every angle even when the lights are off – it’s like having my very own meteor shower in the kitchen every night….ok, ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s definitely eye-catching (see the tiny blue light in the right side angled kitchen shot below and the reflection on the white bowl further down).  Anyway…., I digress, the point is I inspired myself to make an effort to do something interesting, just for me….just for the fun of it, and it paid off.  I must add that the pasta and wine were delish, although I didn’t consume it all myself, well not the pasta anyway!!!

(Click on image to enlarge)

2 thoughts on “nothing to ‘wine’ about…

    • Wish you had been here my friend – miss you heaps! It was a leisurely event – I’m guessing between 2-3 hours in total. The latter part was a bit rushed – I was famished! xo

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