taking pride…

August 2012

In the heart of Vancouver’s West End during ‘Pride’ week, it’s impossible to look in any direction without seeing rainbow colours in one form or another, which makes sense, given it’s an international sign of diversity, inclusiveness and hope for the acceptance of men and women who are proud to be gay.   I took a stroll around the staging area for the annual ‘Pride Parade’, as I’ve done previously (but this time with camera in hand), and was met by what can only be described as a sight and sound sensory explosion.  The energy and enthusiasm for life, love, happiness and let’s not forget some very chic high heels, is like nothing I’ve seen anywhere else, and the attention to detail and effort expended on the glam make-up and costumes is truly inspiring.

The Pride Parade followed closely on the heels of Vancouver’s ‘Festival of Light’, whose 3 x performances culminated in a breathtaking finale the night before the Pride Parade, and for which I decided to try out the never used ‘bulb’ setting on my D90.  I was a fair distance from the hub and had to use some pretty aggressive elbow action to protect my tripod space, so what I hoped would be fabulous lines of colour in the sky, turned out to be fabulous squiggles due to camera shake!  Oh well, live and learn.

Despite the obvious challenge of shooting in bright mid-day sun, I believe I’ve captured some of the vibe of the occasion in the shots below, and hope you will appreciate this wonderfully diverse community wherever you are.

OK –  I can’t resist tying in a nostalgic tune from childhood here – sorry!  (Red & Yellow & Pink & Green…..Purple & Orange & Blue…..I can sing a rainbow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRTdq0VsLGQ)

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