come ride with me…!

July 2012

One of my most favourite things to do in life is ride my bike – without fail, it just puts a really big smile on my face.  No matter what my stress level is, or how much I don’t feel like throwing back the duvet, donning my gear and checking there’s enough air in the tyres…..when the garage door opens, and I push-off into the early morning sun, I feel alive .  Now Vancouver’s Seawall is quite rightly a bustling hive of activity during the summer tourist season, and the only way to avoid the congestion I’ve found, is to get up at the crack of dawn and pedal like crazy.  I do this at every opportunity, and if I could bottle and sell the fresh aromas of the morning dew on the summer blooms, and the sounds of the salty ocean swirling up around the rocks and beachfront – without a doubt, I would be a millionaire.  Of course this isn’t possible – but what I can do is share some of the sights I regularly see as I breeze by.  I’ll be the first to admit these are technically not my best captures, but you get the idea….so come ride with me!

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