sweet sisters…

May 2012

We recently took some vacation time and spent the first 4 days doing an extremely challenging hike on the ‘Juan da Fuca Trail, BC’ – (no physical capacity to carrymycamera on this one – just about managed to carry self and fully loaded backpack!).  To this end, you’ll  have to trust me that the landscape and views of the pacific west coast of Vancouver Island were, as always, spectacular.  Having completed this challenge we were ready for a few days rest and relaxation, and what better way do to this than catching up with friends in Victoria.  A window opened for a visit with our good friends Gary & Tara and their beautiful daughters, Ellen and Kate.  I have to say… these are two of the closest young sisters I know (aside from our nieces Jade & Paris), and although I’m sure they have their “moments”, like any youth, it wasn’t apparent in the brief time we were there.  In fact, what I saw (through my lens), were two sweet and fun-loving sisters who genuinely seem to appreciate each others’ company; and who share a love for their trampoline, musical instruments, and of course their mom, dad and each other…wonderful!

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